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October 24, 2021

Lost Wave Media featured in Boat Trader's Stomping Grounds Episode 3 North Carolina

This past summer Boat Trader reached out to Carson Talbert asking him to be involved with Episode 3 of Boat Trader's Stomping Group. In this episode they visited the coast of North Carolina where host Ryan McVinney meets up with filmmaker Jonas Pate and his family to discuss the real life inspiration behind his hit Netflix show "Outer Banks". We learn about Carolina Skiffs and visit Grady-White in Greenville, then meet some professional boat cinematographers and local custom Carolina sport fishing yacht dealers. Finally we stop in Washington to reminisce about the early days of powerboat racing with champion Reggie Fountain, who regales viewers with tales of beating Don Johnson, Kurt Russell, Al Copeland and Chuck Norris while setting speed records and capturing the title of the fastest V-bottom boat in the world. From go-fast speed boats to family cruising we see some of what makes North Carolina's storied boating culture unique and special.

In Wilmington they focused on Jen and Jonas Pate (director of Outer Banks and Friday Night Lights) and their family boating habits around the area. Lost Wave Media's story involved themes of filming on boats, working in and around Wrightsville beach and how we make a living on the water in the area. Their focus for Lost Wave Media was about boating culture in Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, and surrounding areas in North Carolina. Some of the questions they asked were: What makes the area unique, from a boating perspective, what are your favorite boats to film/shoot and why, what are some of the challenges of filming on boats and favorite boating spot and/or on-the-water filming location near Wrightsville Beach. All questions are answered in the video above, you find Carson Talbert's interview at 12:00 minutes.

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